BCR® Folding Flat Mop System

Efficient cleaning of floors, walls and other large surfaces is critical to the overall cleanliness of the production environment. BCR® Folding Flat Mop Systems replicate the most effective way to clean a surface-WIPING. Berkshire’s mop systems are easy to use, highly effective and quick. Three different folding flat mop covers are available to handle a variety of cleaning tasks. The covers range from an ultra clean laundered two-ply polyester knit MicroSeal SuperSorb®; an absorbent 100% knitted polyester outer cover combined with 100% rayon nonwoven inner layer as well as an irradiated polyester cellulose blend nonwoven cover. The Folding Flat Mop Covers are designed for the capture and removal of contaminants during the cleaning process on uneven as well as smooth surfaces.